Forged from the fusion of the various  flavours of asia, the Asian Noodle House is well known in Canberra as one of the best places to get a hot n' spicy noodle soup or stirfry like no other. The founder and prior owner of the Dickson Noodle House, Abe Oudomvilay, has been the culinary brains behind the unique laksa, he has kept his chinese/laoatian heritage in tact and the food he provides authentic to the point of obsession.  The Asian Noodle House is his latest venture into bringing the noodle into the 21st century. 

Fresh herbs and vegies abound, while heart-smart poly unsaturated canola oil is used in all frying. The health benefits of coconut milk's good fats, as used in the laksas should not be discounted either.

At the Asian Noodle House we feature healthy, bountiful bowls with the bold flavors of Thailand, Malaysia, Viet Nam, China and Laos. From our low fat low carbs steamed Sung Tung Chicken  to our creamy laksa, our dishes are all prepared fresh, from scratch and made to order.  Discover our Cha Kway Teow, Pad Thai, or handmade shrimp rolls prepared fresh daily. For lunch, dinner, dine-In, or take-out (Licensed BYO wine only).

Customer favorites include Curry Laksa , Cha Kway Teow and Pad Thai noodles, Roast Duck, plus more.